Hi there,
I am Fanny.

welcome to my little world.

I am here to talk about the things I have a passion for and share my very own story. Fitness and Nutrition, combined with Mental Wellbeing have shaped my life in a way I would have never imagined. 

I want to share my experiences, my knowledge and my insights and create a space for engagement, entertainment and education. I know I am stepping into a big world of information overload but maybe I will be able to inspire in a simple and unique way.


about me


From when I was a kid I was always doing some kind of sports – from athletics, volleyball to dancing. 

But nothing compares to when I found my passion for fitness. A passion that helped me discover myself, feel empowered and a lot more confident.

Being surrounded by people that all work towards a goal, putting their full commitment into a healthier and stronger self absolutely drives me every single day

I am here to share my love for fitness with you while also educating, inspiring and entertaining. 


My relationship with food has always been a distorted one. Coming from anorexia my head constantly took over telling me that food was bad for me. 

I learned to fight those voices in my head and to develop a healthy relationship with my nutrition. 

I prioritised mindful eating, I started listening to my body’s signals and put a lot more thought into getting enough nutrients throughout the day. 

I would like to take you on a journey of ups and downs within my own story and give you some helpful hints along the way.

Mental Wellbeing

As a teen I always carried some excess body fat until I had enough. What started with a healthy diet, ended in an eating disorder. I did not only lose the most important years of my youth, I also lost my self-esteem. 

Even though I had lost a bunch of weight and seemed a lot more confident on the outside, I wasn’t.  

Insecurity has always been a big part of my life – on the outside  and on the inside. 

I have learned to accept myself the way I am and this blog gives me the chance to share the good and the bad about mental wellbeing in general, but also in relation to fitness and nutrition.