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Breast Augmentation – Be ready for a change

Are you about to get a breast augmentation? Are you booked in yet? Or are you still weighing up? or maybe you are just curious and want to learn a bit more about it. No matter what it is, breast augmentation is a major surgery, it comes with a lot of benefits but as with any other medical procedure, it also comes with risks.

Deciding to get a boob job.

Although I always wanted to get my boobs done, when you actually start reading about it, when you first meet with your surgeon and you learn about the procedure itself and what’s to come after…well, there is a lot to consider and to weigh up…not only for your physical but also for your mental wellbeing. 

As I mentioned in my previous post: if you struggle with your body image and every time you look into the mirror you find a new flaw, please don’t think this surgery will ‘fix’ you. Read my post about emotional and psychological aspects if you want to look behind the scenes.  

So, why am I saying this? Simply because, if you decide to undergo this surgery, you need to understand that your routine will be put on hold for a bit. And if the gym and working out plays an important role in your life, then a few weeks off training and making adjustments might impact you more than you would anticipate. 

Going into theatre and waking up an hour later with some nicely rounded new boobs on your chest is one thing, but being aware of what to expect will help you to make informed choices about the if, when and how and will also prepare you a lot better for your post-operative phase. 

I won’t go into too much detail about the procedure itself as this is not a plastic surgery blog, but there are three crucial decisions us fit girls need to make when considering a breast augmentation. 

Decisions, decisions.

1. Size

The size of your breast implants will mainly depend on, of course, your personal preferences and the surgeons suggestion after taking your measurements, but your workout routine will also play an important role here. Let’s say you play a sport, maybe even a quite physical sport like rugby or football, you have vigorous exercise routine and are extremely active with lots of high intensity work, then you need to think about the best way to enhance your body with your implants but also how to not let them get into the way. Larger implants are not only heavier, they also come with a projection you haven’t had like this before. Be realistic and think about if larger implants might cause you more discomfort than pleasure when running, jumping, tackling or whatever it might be. With discomfort comes pain and with pain comes feeling unwell, limited, angry, sad, depressed and ultimately regretful. 

Have a chat with your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle and he/she will be more than capable to make recommendations about the right size. Generally, athletic and fit girls usually choose moderate to small-sized implants anyway, as we never had the intention to look like a barbie doll. 

When I had my first consultation, I explained exactly what sort of exercises I do and that I would like to continue doing exactly those after recovery. My surgeon took measurements and gave me three sizes to choose from. Coming out of my first consult I actually decided for the smallest of all three, 320cc with a moderate profile (meaning medium projection). I ended up going into theatre with the biggest size, 355cc and a high profile but it was still all within the range of me looking natural and being able to continue my fitness routine as per usual. 

2. Placement

Now, this is a little bit more medical and there is no right or wrong. There are two options for the placement of your implants: submuscular (under the pectoralis major chest muscle) and or subglandular (over the muscle).

Getting your breast implants under the muscle will come with a little more discomfort post surgery as the surgeon will have to snip off your pec muscle, place the implant underneath, and then stretch the muscle over the implant. Your muscle then needs to get used to stretching a little during your recovery process. Although the recovery might be slightly longer, most women decide for this option, because

  • your breasts will look a lot more natural, especially when you had little breast tissue to start off with
  • your pectoral muscle provides more support and coverage 

One the downside however, there is the risk of animation deformity, which can be caused due to certain chest movements…hence, you need to listen to your surgeon when it comes to your recovery plan in order to avoid exactly that. We don’t want the twins to jump into different directions and lose shape. 

Over the muscle means, as you can imagine, that the implant will lie between the pectoral muscle and the breast gland, which means your recovery period may be shorter and you will feel less uncomfortable. But, the appearance of your new twins may be less natural as the implants are literally just sitting under the skin. You will have a bigger curve on the top of your implants where as the pectoral muscle makes them look a bit smoother. 

As you can see, both come with advantages and disadvantages and your surgeon will make the right recommendations for you. Only because the healing process is quicker, does not mean subglandular implants are the way to go for you. 

I went under the muscle! First, because I didn’t have much breast tissue in order to support the implants and second, because my active lifestyle and my wish to look as natural as possible gave a clear indication to accept the longer recovery. 

3. Type

Lastly, the implant type can also play a big role when it comes to making the right decision. Silicone implants are usually the best choice for active and athletic women. Over the years, breast implants have improved massively and silicone implants come in various shapes and sizes. It can quite confusing to keep up with all the options so make sure your surgeon gets to know you a bit so he/she can help with choosing the right one. 

My surgeon didn’t even go too much into detail, she knew exactly which implants would be the best for me: Motiva Ergonomix. As the name says, those implants have been designed to naturally move with your body, with the help of ergonomics. How does this come in handy? Well, considering how much we move around in the gym and in how many different positions we exercise, these implants will follow your lead. So, imagine lying on your back, your implants will have a nice symmetrical projection. Now, once you stand up, your boobs will naturally fall into a more ‘teardrop’ position whilst still keeping the same projection. Cool stuff, hey?

I am exactly 6 weeks post op now and I love them, they feel great. I still have a long way to go with settling and fluffing and them falling into the right position but for what I can say so far, highly recommend if you are as active as me and consider breast augmentation! 

To sum it up: remember that this surgery will be life changing, mainly in a good way. Yes, it comes with some limitations while recovering but always think about the outcome…YOU walking around the gym with a filled sports bra, YOU lying on the beach with nicely shaped boobs in your bikini, YOU being able to wear nice dresses without having to wear push up bras or a bra at all, YOU finally feeling proportionate and feminine again!