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Breast Augmentation in the Fitness Industry

How we choose to boost our confidence

You might start reading this post asking yourself ‘why did I land on a fitness blog reading about breast augmentation?’. Or, you know exactly why because you can relate to absolutely everything you will read over the next few minutes. 

To bring it to the point straight away: Breast Augmentation is a HUGE topic among us gym lovers – from the casual 3-4 times a week aerobic course attendee, resistance training enthusiast or hobby marathon runner to professional athletes and bodybuilders. In saying that, of course, everyone is different and not everyone experiences the same I am about to explain, but…it can affect us all, no matter how often, how intense or professionally we train.

I remember, years back when I was younger, breast augmentation, or plastic surgery in general, came with a lot more judgment. But when I walk through the streets today, there seems to have been a shift in perception and acceptance and this is why it is not a rarity anymore. 

Why we get a boob job.

Now, why has breast augmentation in the fitness industry become such a ‘norm’? I am sure many of you can relate: we spend hours in the gym daily, several days a week and most of us are doing this years and years. We live in a cycle of weightlifting, high intensity workouts and meticulous diets dedicated to growing muscle and losing fat. We want to look lean, we want to look strong, we want to look defined, we do not want to look fat. But unfortunately, thanks to mother nature, there is one part of our body, that is made of exactly that, FAT! You got it..the one thing that makes us feel like more feminine, our boobs, are made of mainly fatty tissue. And when we spend all this time being consistent in the gym and disciplined with our diet trying to lose bodyfat, we also lose breast tissue – some of us more drastic than others but at the end of the day we kind of all share the same faith.

Unlike other parts of our body, once they are gone, they are gone! If I want to grew my little peach, I know I have to incorporate more glute exercises in my workout routine and adapt my nutrition. But unfortunately, there is no magic exercise that can bring our beloved boobs back. With nearly 2 million procedures per year worldwide, breast augmentation is with no doubt one of the most common plastic surgeries. Massive improvements have been made over the years – from incision techniques, the implant itself to reduced scaring. Lastly, breast augmentation has become a lot more affordable over the years, so for a lot of fitness girls, it is a no-brainer to get ourselves some new twins. 

Now here comes the WHY!

Why do fit women everywhere around the world decide to undergo major surgery, all risks involved? Yes, the training has taken our boobs away but we still look lean, we still succeeded and reduced our bodyweight while growing muscle. 

Well, I think for a lot of us the answer is quite simple: we want to feel like a woman! We don’t want to hear we don’t look feminine enough or even manly, we don’t want to be flat-chested with our partner having bigger pecs than us. We want to feel proportional, from top to bottom. We want to be confident and powerful, we want to feel comfortable in our own body. 

Breast implants have proven to give woman their self-confidence back and enhance their body image which, in the long run, can impact our overall well-being. I want to be clear though: if you are struggling with your body image and you have been for yours, don’t think that this surgery alone will help to ‘fix’ you. 

Why did I decide to get a boob job, you’re asking?

I lost majority of my breast tissue during my eating disorder. Long story short, I trained a lot and ate f*** all. And although I started eating again, my fitness journey only began…with regular and vigorous training day in and out, it was only a matter of time to say farewell to the rest of my once beloved C-cup. 

By the time I turned 18, there was not much left and I knew I wanted to get my boobs done one day. Well, the years passed – no time, no money, other priorities – there was just always something. And when I turned 30, I said to myself ‘no or never’! So I booked a consult, a got a 3D scan, I chose a size, and an hour later, my surgery date was set!    

As you can see, I can relate to all of the above – which makes me the perfect cliché! I lost my boobs through years of intensive cardio training and harsh dieting. And when I made the decision to book in for the surgery, I was at my peak – I was the fittest I have ever been…challenging some of the guys in my gym. I was lean, carried 8% of bodyfat, I was in great shape, I was fit and fast and had endurance like no other. But was I happy? NO. I didn’t feel very feminine nor sexy, I had no self-confidence, I hated looking at myself in the mirror, I envied all those other girls around me that had their boobs done years ago, I didn’t wear any nice dresses or tops because I felt uncomfortable, I wore the biggest push up bras trying to hide as best as I could. I felt unproportional – I enjoyed seeing results from the strength training I started incorporating more but the more my lower body started to form, the less appealing I fell. I wanted to have curves at the bottom AND the top, or I didn’t want curves at all. 

To bring it to the point: I finally wanted to feel like a woman! 

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