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My Comeback

I am almost eight weeks post my breast augmentation surgery – crazy how time flies. And, I wanted to give a little update on my comeback in the gym as well as my mental wellbeing and how my body is coping with my two little companions. 

The last time I spoke about how I was going was at the 5-week mark. 

Lots has happened since then.

The last 3, almost 4 weeks have had a massive curve when it comes to my recovery. Up until the four weeks, I still felt like some random objects were attached to my body and I didn’t really know how to move around with them. 

Of course, I had just undergone a major surgery and I was super careful with everything I did while still trying to move around as normal as possible. 

Ask for help.

The main hurdles for my training was the inability to lift anything. I was fine doing my cardio on the bike or the stair master. Leg machines were easy as long as they were pin loaded. Meaning, you don’t have to attach any plates, you just have to move the pin to the right weight you want. 

This worked out semi-good as we have a lot of machines at my gym that need plates. So, as a recommendation: have someone work out with you that can help. Preferably someone that loves and adores you because it is a s*** favour to ask of someone – especially when you can lift quite a bit. 

I tried to be not as demanding so I ended up working out with less weight than what I could have done. But it gave me the opportunity to focus more on slow and controlled movements, more time under tension and to work on my mind-muscle connection. A win-win in the end. 

Besides the fact that you need a helping hand, my workouts have been very machine-focused as they avoid holding any weights. I love to do dumbbell or barbell work but I knew this had to wait a little longer. 

The turning point.

From what my surgeon told me and from all the articles I read online, I knew the 6-week mark would be the changing point. It does not mean, that I went into it heavy loaded. 

I had my 6-week check-up just a few days after, so I was willing to wait. But also praying to get the clearance that day. And my wish became true…I was set free

I was allowed to incorporate some upper body exercises again. Nothing that would put any pressure on my chest like bench press, push ups or pull ups. Not my favourite exercises anyway, so it wasn’t too much of a disappointment. 

My first session back – literally ‘back’.

The day after my check up, I gave it a go – my first back session. I went very light, like super light with everything. I wanted to see how my muscles – that had been neglected for the last 6 weeks – and my pectoral muscles would feel. 

I tried a few row alternatives and a pulldown. It was interesting to feel the stretch, it wasn’t painful but it did take my attention away from the muscle group I was actually training with certain movements. This clearly showed me that I would need some more time. I also don’t want to sacrifice my form and unconsciously change my technique or posture because of my boobies. 

In saying that, I will of course keep training upper body, mainly back, biceps and triceps, a few shoulder exercises. 

Exercises that require my arms to go up in a posterior way and above my head cause the biggest stretch on my chest muscles and therefore the most discomfort. Something where I have to keep it quite light to not put too much strain on it but still get my muscles used to the movement. 

Lateral raises work really well, so do close grip rows. Although, I have to be careful with the weights as I can feel my implants moving. Which is a bit awkward. It still feels somehow fresh and I need to convince myself that I can’t break anything anymore. 

My main issue is my impatience with myself.

Because I am so focused on what is happening at the front of my body, I am struggling to feel the muscle groups I am targeting at the back of my body. As much as I have mastered my mind-muscle connection when it comes to my lower body exercises, the more issues I have with everything upper body. But, as I said, this will hopefully settle once my muscles get used to it and my brain accepts the fact that nothing bad can happen. 

Exercises I have tried so far:

  • Iso Close Grip Pulldown: could feel a light stretch in my chest but felt fairly comfortable overall)
  • Seated Close Grip Row: they work pretty well as long as I go light, otherwise I can feel the implants moving
  • Lateral raises: hate them but feel the best out of all of the exercises so far
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl: no issue here, just heavy after such a long time 
  • Iso Wide Grip Row: can feel my chest muscles too much, and with it comes discomfort
  • Single Arm Row: similar to the seated row, the heavier I go the more I feel my implants, if I go too light then I don’t get the activation though
  • Cable Tricep Pushdown: this goes well, only a light stretch I can feel
  • Cable Rope Pushdown: I have to go light but can still feel the activation in my lats which is great

I will keep trying and it will hopefully get easier over the next few weeks. The end goal is to go back into my higher intensity resistance training without any discomfort. 

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