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The Dark Side of Fitness

Welcome to the world of fitness, where strength, endurance and discipline meet – not only to shape our bodies but our minds. 

It is undeniable that fitness, and overall physical activity come with countless benefits. We keep our bodies young and in shape, we manage our weight and reduce the risk of disease, we challenge our brain in a positive way, we strengthen our bones and muscles and are so much more energised in life. 

Taking all this aside, we do have to realise that there is more to it. A topic that might cause a bit of discomfort and potentially make you start thinking – the dark side of fitness.

Looking beyond the shiny gyms and transformations, there lies a shadow of potential pitfalls. External expectations, societal pressure but also the pressure we put on ourselves can lead to obsessive behaviours which ultimately harm our physical AND mental health. 

Maybe you know too well what I am talking about, maybe you need to consider a few things, or maybe you know better anyway. 

In this series I will dive into some aspects of fitness that aren’t spoken about much. Topics that are lesser-known. I will take you on a journey to discover what this dark side of fitness is, how we can figure out if we are caught in the middle and how we can find a way out of it. 

It is important to be aware of those potential risks and not ignore or hide them because deep down, a lot more people than you might think will be able to relate once they read the next articles. 

You will discover that all of the names you will be reading about, somehow go hand in hand. But each one of them has their own extremes. 

So sit tight, choose where to start and get ready to learn what shadows can be put over our fitness journeys. 

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